Automatic age calculation of bills using Microsoft excel

Most of the accounting software has the option of automatic age calculation of pending bills. i.e., the number of days the bills have been pending. However there may be situations of calculating age wise pending details manually. Microsoft excel will calculate it for you by applying simple function.

Once you added the formula in the excel sheet ,you don’t need to change it every day  the age calculation will be done excel automatically based on current date.Let us see how this can be done.

Consider the following example for age calculation.

Now insert the todays function on the right side coulmn ‘C’

=today()-A2, This formula means that, calculate the difference between today and the date in cell A2, cell a2 contain the bill date.

Now copy the formula in to below cells .

The cells will shows some dates of year 1900, now this dates should converted in to numbers, to do so select the four cells then right click and click on format cells.

A new screen appear called format cells, click on number tab, under categories  select number then click O.K

Auto age calculation excel sheet is ready. every day when you open this sheet the number of pending days  will be calculated automatically like this.

Microsoft excel is the best work partner of every accountants, by applying simple tricks and tips we can save working whole day. accounting head will post excel tips periodically  that reduce your workload. to get these updates directly in your mail box please subscribe our daily news letter.

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