How to copy account masters from tally 7.2 to ERP9

If you want to copy complete data from tally 7.2 to ERP9 you can do so by running migration program available in tally erp9. For some reasons you may want to copy only masters and ledgers from your existing old version of tally 7.2 to new erp9, without reentering all data’s. In such case how to do it.

It is possible by exporting all masters from tally 7.2 or from other older version of tally that supporting export features and then importing the exported data’s in Tallyerp9. Let us do it. Before doing it take backup of both the datas.

The same method can be used to copy datas from other older versions

Open tally old version, say tally 7.2

Go to

Gateway of tally » Display» List Of Accounts

Now press Alt+E or Click on Export Button, you will have a screen like below

Format must be XML and output file name automatically displayed as Master.xml, you can change the name if want.

Choose the Type of masters. You can select the masters as per requirements. Select all masters if you need all masters to be copied. If you need to copy ledgers only select Ledgers and so on.

Now accept the screen, a new file named “Masters.xml” will have exported in tally program folder. If you don’t know where tally folder located, right click on tally7.2 icon click on properties click on Find target/open file Location, Tally program folder will open. Find the file Master.xml

Copy the file.

Now open Tally erp9 program folder and past the Maser.xml in it.

Open Tally ERP9 goes to the following menu

Gateway of tally » Import of Data »Masters

A screen like below displayed

Import File name: Type the file name that you had copied from tally 7.2 to erp9 folder ‘Maser.xml’ here you need to type only file name. This is because the xml file exists in tallyerp9 folder if the file is located in a different folder you have to type complete file location for eg: D:Master.xml

Treatment of entries already existing: There are three options provided in Tally

1. Combine opening balance: This means the opening balance of a ledger that is existing in both the programs i.e., new erp9 version and old Tally7.2 will be combined and form a new opening balance. for eg:

Opening cash balance of tally 7.2    =10000.00

Opening cash balance of tally ERP9 = 5000.00

After importing the cash balance will be RS 15000.00 In new erp9.

2. Ignore duplicate: This means that duplicate ledgers will be ignored and there will not be any change in the opening balance of erp9.  For the above example the same ledger exist in erp9 with an opening balance of Rs 5000.00

3. Modify with new data: This means after importing the data’s of 7.2 is updated in new erp9. In the above example the cash ledger with opening balance Rs 10000.00 is updated.

Select any one of the option then press enter the data have been imported and the new version of erp9 updated with all masters existed in tally7.2 now start working with your latest software.

4 Responses to “How to copy account masters from tally 7.2 to ERP9”

  1. Deepak Kumar Dogra says:

    I want to know briefly abount difference between direct taxes and indirect taxes.

  2. SUNIL GOYAL says:

    this is wonderfull feature of all programm like tally, tds, banking,excel, etc. all these are so remarkable thanks for this beautiful simple & knowledgeable web side.

    thanks ones again

  3. nirmala says:

    is it possible to transfer data from 7.2 to tally erp9 ?

  4. Manish says:

    I am trying to export all master from tally.erp9 and importing into tally.erp9 with existing data using option ignore duplicate, but then also,

    1. Old data is modified with new one.

    2. New master which are created are created with opening balances, where as when exporting the master the option to export closing as opening was set to no.

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